Welcome Address

I heartily welcome you to Bowen University College of Postgraduate Studies.

Bowen’s postgraduate studies began in 2011 in response to the desire of many of our graduates, and many others from outside, for higher qualifications that would equip them for their academic and professional aspirations. Professor Patrick O. Olutiola was the foundation Dean of the Postgraduate School. He was succeeded in 2015 by Professor Olawamiwa R. Adeniyi, who served until September 2019, when Professor Isaac A. Nasiru was appointed the first Provost of the College of Postgraduate Studies. An increasing number of candidates are applying to Bowen’s College of Postgraduate Studies because it guarantees quality training and research, an uninterrupted academic calendar, and a serene environment that is very conducive to excellent academic pursuit. They know that Bowen’s calendar runs as advertised, and that supervisors offer maximum support and encouragement to enable their students to complete their programmes in go