All approved by the National Universities Commission (NUC)

PGD = Postgraduate Diploma
M. A = Master of Art Degree
M.Sc = Master of Science Degree
Ph.D = Doctor of Philosophy Degree

College of Agriculture, Engineering and Science (COAES):
Agricultural Economics - PGD; M.Sc; M.Phil, Ph.D
Crop Protection - PGD; M.Sc; M.Phil; Ph.D
Environmental Management - PGD; M.Sc; M.Phil; Ph.D
Agricultural Extension and Rural Development - M.Sc
Food Science and Technology - PGD; M.Sc; M.Phil; Ph.D
Microbiology - PGD; M.Sc; M.Phil; Ph.D
Plant Biology - M.Sc
Zoology - M.Sc
Chemistry - PGD; M.Sc; M.Phil; Ph.D
Mathematics - M.Sc; M.Phil Ph.D
Physics - M.Sc; M.Phil Ph.D
Statistics - M.Sc

College of Liberal Studies (COLBS):
Religious Studies - PGD; M. A
English - M. A
History and International Studies - M. A

College of Computing & Communication Studies (COCCS):
Mass Communication - PGD; M.Sc
Computer Science - M.Sc

College of Management and Social Sciences (COMSS):
Accounting - PGD; M.Sc; M.Phil; Ph.D
Banking and Finance - PGD; M.Sc
Business Administration - PGD; M.Sc; M.Phil; Ph.D
Business Administration (MBA)
Economics - PGD; M.Sc; Ph.D
Sociology - PGD; M.Sc; Ph.D